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Premium Quality Eyelash Brush and Hair Claw Clips

Eyelash Brush

Disposable Eyelash Brushes

Byutish Brushes-10cm Long Lightweight Lash Wand with 2.5cm Spoolies- for Mascara and Makeup Tool Kit


Essential Makeup Partner

Keep your eye grooming essentials sorted with our superior Quality Byutish Spoolies; This affordable bargain buy is not only enough to meet your daily use but also works equally well for brushing brows and lashes

Hygienic eye grooming

Our value for money Mascara brushes pack is enough to maintain a clean and hygienic eye grooming routine

Avoid infection

Prevent itchy eyes by avoiding bacterial infection caused by using a single brush for long

superior quality

Our eyebrow brush and spoolie is crafted with superior quality fiber hair and a polypropylene handle

custom-blended fibers

Tightly packed spoolie brush with custom-blended fibers seamlessly blend in colors and tame even the unruliest of brows

Strong grip

Contemporary and durable spoolie eyebrow brushes give a strong grip for best brow results

Product Specifications



Ultra quality densely packed



Synthetic fiber with plastic handle




Hair Claw Clips

6Pcs CLAW CLIPS: 5.5cm x 4.8cm x 11cm - 150g

Are you looking for a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face? Look no further than these chic hair claw clips! Available in various beautiful colours, these clips are perfect for all occasions. Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, working up a sweat at the gym, or getting ready for a special event, these versatile hair grips have you covered. Made from premium Anti-slip and ABS plastic materials, they are strong enough to hold even the thickest hair, yet gentle enough not to damage your locks. So go ahead and clip them on – your hair will love you for it.


Feel beautified

Last but not least, these hair accessories for women are unique designs to hold thick, unruly hair. They can be used on all lengths and textures without worry about damage because they are made specially in a larger size that will never hurt your client’s head or cause discomfort.

Product Dimensions: 5.5cm x 4.8cm x 11cm

Product Weight with Box: 190g

Product Weight: 150g

Opened Jaw Dimension: 9cm

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Optimal size (5.5 cm x 4.8 cm)


Lightweight plastic with metal springs


Set of 6 clips with matte and glossy finish

Happy clients

What Our Clients Say


They are plenty to work with...and very qualitative from what I was able to determine. They bend well..but only if you need them to...like push them with the hand....not just by using them. I especially use them after I've applied my mascara so I can make my lashes fluffier without applying anymore product....also use them for my eyebrows....and i've used one to dye my baby hairs when I did my hair at home...so they are very versatile...Amazing amount for this price....would recommend them to anyone.....so worth the price...


Marsi S.

You can bend the brush into whatever shape you like whether that’s for a mascara or the brow products because it's metal wire based. They are not eco friendly but I am able to re-wash them and re-use them. Easy to clean and they don’t fall apart as easily as some I had in the past. I prefer dark brush as opposed to light colour. They fit into all mascaras bottles I currently have. Happy with them. A necessity for a makeup kit.

Marci S.


These disposable mascara wands are great, they are reasonable sturdy and easily fit into any mascara tube. I always find the usual mascara wands are a bit too thick and too much mascara can be applied, these wands are just right. They apply it evenly too. I also use these in crafting and find you can get more than one use out of them, making this pack great value.


I have worn these everyday since I’ve gotten them! They have a soft feel. The colors match the product photos perfectly. They have a good grip in my hair (I have collarbone length medium thickness hair but a lot of it). I think these would work well for almost any length or thickness of hair though. They are strong. Bottom line, if you’re unsure if you should buy them, you should.



This is the second set of clips that I have found that works with my thick and unruly hair. My hair is wavy to Carly, super Duper thick and most clips and especially plastic clips slide out of my hair no matter how well I am able to place them. I gave two of them to my daughter who has the same type of hair I do it and it works really well for her hair as well. Although her hair is a little straighter it was it is extraordinarily thick. So to that end, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about these clips I put them in my hair once and they stay all day without readjusting or redoing. 😁


Color me impressed. I have searched high and low for a hair clip that can handle my hair. I have very long (reaches my lower back when wet) very thick hair. Most clips I use can't hold all of my hair or will start to sag and fall out after a few minutes. I heard about these clips and figured I didn't have much to lose except a few bucks trying these out. I've had them for about two weeks, and the first one I started using is still holding strong. Usually other clips I use start to crack or straight up break after this amount of time. If you're on the fence with these, do yourself a favor and get them.